Peer Learning Partnership

Social Impact Measurement
for Social and Solidarity

OECD Global Action : "Promoting Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) Ecosystems"

The OECD launched the Global Action in 2020 to support the SSE, raise awareness and capacity to build resilient SSE ecosystems, and promote knowledge and exchanges at the international level. It is funded by the European Union’s Foreign Partnership Instrument and covers more than 30 countries (EU and non-EU). 

Peer Learning Partnerships

One of the ways in which the Global Action seeks to achieve its goals is through Peer Learning Partnerships (PLP). Their goal is to share knowledge, experience and methodologies between different countries and stakeholders on topics critical to the scaling up of the SSE. The PLPs are set to run for 6 months, and their findings will ultimately be integrated into international guides for good practices, with the aim to contribute to the promotion of concrete actions for policy makers to ensure the development of effective SSE ecosystems.

Our PLP Consortium

"Social Impact Measurement for the SSE"

Our PLP’s goal is to work on how to use the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to progress on social impact measurement. We seek to contribute to the emergence of a common vocabulary and best practices to help social entrepreneurs to attract more investors – public and private – by using the SDGs as a common reference frame. In order to do this we will :

Collect good practices

applied by the PLP members all around the world

Identify blocking factors

for impact measurement that prevail today, to understand them better

Issue recommendations

to promote social innovation and make it more attractive to investors

Through this work, our ambition is to contribute to the OECD’s Global Action with concrete material, best practices and a diversity of methodologies, as well as to raise common awareness in order to encourage investment in the SSE. More specifically, we expect to deliver a scoping paper on social impact measurement for the SSE, a PLP outcome video, and a dissemination plan.

Get to know us more! 

French Impact is coordinating a team of 18 structures together with our core team : Grégoire Lechat and Impact Invest Lab. Meet our members : Asociación Amica, Bundesinitiative Impact Investing, ESSEC Business School, FEBEA, SpainNAB, Impact Tank, Halcyon, Harvard University, HEC Liège, INAES, L’Esplanade, MarS, Seed Spot, Social Impact Agenda per l’Italia, TIRESIA. 


Timeline of events

We attended the OECD Global Action’s first event, in which the 6 PLPs presented their activities and consortia. 

Our PLP launch event was the opportunity to get to know each member of the consortium and start debating our aims and challenges. 

Our consortium’s first workshop focused on discussing why we should link the SDGs to social impact measurement (SIA) to help social entrepreneurs with policy makers and private actors. 

In our second workshop we will discuss how we can use the SDGs to measure impact in the SSE. 

More information to come! 

Presentation of our findinds and results! More information to come. 

Save the date!

Our final results event will take place on October 12th – join us to learn about our results and findings!

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